Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ouch! and Double Ouch!

No practice Monday, so instead some of us met up at McNellie's pub & grill for Pint Night. Rosie, Josey, Meanie, TechNik, Mauler, and applicable meat were there. Good times and sweet potato fries.

Tuesday was an Open Practice. After Killa lead some jogging and warm-up stretches, we had an option of trying our lap time or going down stairs. I was still a little congested, but honestly was scared my lap time would have gone down. :( SO... V took us downstairs to do plyometrics and tae bo moves in the parking lot. It was GORGEOUS outside, with a breeze, so it would have been a shame to waste it. Back inside for floor exercises (legs, butt & abs).

Then a short stint of scrimmaging, which was great because we only had 7-8 people on each team. First jam (as inside blocker) I fall FLAT on my ass. OUCHIE. Luckily I have a lot of padding and didn't break anything. Few more unremarkable rounds, and Brian puts me in as jammer. Again with Cacky persistently bumping me out. She doesn't hit real hard, but she's effective. I go out of bounds, to my knees, try to take out a new girl on the sidelines and Eva jumps over me and catches my thigh with her skate. EFFIN OW! Get back up, never make it through the pack, slide to the sidelines and whimper. The shitty part, it hurts like hell, I feel it every time I take a step, and it's not even an impressive bruise! Hmph.

Today I'm scheduled to meet some girls at Hefner to try my hand (or feet, I guess) at outdoor. Wish me luck!


  1. I wish we had some sort of off skates training session... I'd be much more motivated with a group then my half arsed attempts and training on my own.

    Hoping your outdoor skate went well!

  2. Have you thought of approaching your team about it? It helps the team get better and motivates those that wouldn't do it alone (like me!).