Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killa tried to kill-a me. Wow, that's lame.

Let's set the scene:
4th time I've ever scrimmaged.
9 Killameter is one of our team superstars.
We're on opposite teams.
And... GO.

It was hot, very hot. We had a news crew coming to film (Oklahoma City SportsCenter - we should be next week's feature!). Luckily we didn't do many laps, and lots of stretching (and, unfortunately after Monday's ab-slaying, MORE ABS) then set up to scrimmage. We are associated with the team we'll be scrimmaging with on Thursday's expo bout - plus a few that won't be there Thursday. Things are going along okay, though it's obvious that blue (my) team was at a bit of a disadvantage due to a couple extra players on the orange team - and our better girls are starting to get frustrated with the lack of teamwork. I'm vowing to "do better, be more aware" when BAM I get hit with a Killa Cut and to the floor I go. Up, and back with the pack, then BAM a Killa Can-Opener. Slower, but up I go. Next time I see Killa coming, but she still gets me with a shoulder to my clavical and once again down I go. Mercifully they call off the jam at that point.

Am I really cut out for this?!

My goals are to work on awareness and sprinting. Unfortunately I don't see either one getting better by tomorrow. :)

And for your comic amusement, here is a video taken at last week's practice (where Rose decided it would be fun to go in the clockwise direction - great). I'm in a black tank with short black shortss and a black helmet standing very center screen at the beginning. (I just realized I'm the fattest chick on the track - GEEZUS.) Check out the hit one of the newbies wallops me with at 0:53.

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