Thursday, August 19, 2010

Workout Plan!

I sat out of Monday's practice. I was dizzy and felt like my ears and eyes may pop out at any moment, and didn't want to take the chance. (Okay, maybe I'm a LITTLE overdramatic. I still didn't feel well enough for drills.) But I went and sweated at the Market anyway, just to be supportive. :)

Tuesday was actually a lot of fun. Off-skates workout first including jogging, lunges, stretching and abs. Then skating around the rink practicing basics (falls, knees, stops & starts) and not-so-basics (tomahawk turns, squat jumps, backwards skating, 180 jumps). I am actually pretty good with backwards skating and tomahawk turns, chalk that up to rink skating in my twenties. Then... scrimmage! Total blast. I jammed against Rae and got lead jammer and a grand slam - YAY! But I called it off after that second pass because I was very winded. Which leads me to my next point.

Okay, so we all know my 25-in-5 is more a 24-in-5 consisting of shakey legs and haggard breathing. THIS must change. So Meanie (in her effort to become a jammer) and I decided to start running. Couch to 5k program seemed appropriate. I started on Wednesday, and let me tell you, this body is NOT made for speed (it's made for comfort). B joined me and we both followed the instructions. Soon after the exercise "ended," we realized that we were only halfway around the track and had to keep going back to our vehicle. Total walked - about 3 miles (I got snappy at about mile 2 1/2.) A little twinge of shin splints today, nothing major. My butt and legs are going to look FANTASTIC! (Note: Still waiting for Meanie to start her program - Week 1 Day 2 for me is tomorrow!)

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