Monday, August 16, 2010

Expo game, Tryouts and a Fear of Failure

Thursday was my first almost-real game. It was an expo at a local skating rink, where our league was divided into two teams of equal skill. We also switched coaches halfway through (first half our team had Daniel Boom, a newer ref, and second half was Brian Bounds). We did manage to eek out a win, though the entire game was close!

Toward the end of the game, Brian hands me the jammer panty, and I tell him I hate him. Surprisingly enough, I manage to stay neck and neck with NiTrick Acid (newer skinny girl who's going to be the next Anomellie), breaking through the pack at almost the exact same time. Unfortunately she gets lead jammer and things debilitate from there as Kitty catches up and clobbers me. I fall, and fall, and fall again, jamming my finger in the last one. I wanted to give up, but I thought "I don't need my fingers to skate" so I get back up and the jam soon ends.

Saturday, Meanie, Taryn and crew went to Choctaw skating rink. (Wicked showed up but left soon because of hip pain.) Had a BLAST with those girls. Left knee drop was lame (due to right knee and left ankle pain), and Meanie spotted one of my faults... plow stopping just before or just after a corner!

Sunday at 9am brought tryouts. I only managed 24-in-5 (DAMMIT), and during our minimum skills drill (starts, stops and falls while skating around the track) my back was screaming for mercy. Scrimmaging was typical (except when I jammed and Goldie Knox kept knocking me to the outside!), and WFTDA written test wasn't bad at all. But I didn't make the team. It's not unexpected, but it's still a disappointment. I was THIS_CLOSE to not going to tryouts at all for fear of not making the team, but I'm glad I went, even if it does mean facing the fact that I'm not ready yet - not only in my eyes, but the eyes of our coaches and team-mates.

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