Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pinky Toe Inconveniences

While our team has been around a long time, it has seen a tremendous growth spurt in the last year. Times are a-changing and we're now a WFTDA apprentice league, are sorting through our fresh meat process, and attendance is open record. I'm sure more changes are being discussed behind the scenes, but us minions don't know about them yet.

Anyway... I am in LOVE with outdoor skating! A few times I caught myself reverting back to childhood and bracing fully upright for a fall. I had to consciously remind myself to squat so if that broken concrete does make me fall at least it's to my knees and not my butt. We did 5 miles because of my time restrictions (and some girls being late) and I look forward to next time completing an entire route around the lake (11 miles).

Sunday my boyfriend and I were goofing around giving hip checks and I was between him and our water-bed frame (with regular matress). I caught my right pinky toe on the drawers under the bed and ripped half of my toenail off (and proceeded to cuss like a sailor). Monday I come into work limping, and no working out or skating for me that day. Yesterday it was much better so I attended our monthly meeting and then did jogging, plyometrics and stretching but opted out of scrimmaging. Did I hurt myself this much before I joined derby??

And I almost forgot, I really need to get back on my Couch to 5k program. *grumble*

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