Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Positive Attitude

My thoughts lately have been self-degradating and defeatist. I compare myself to others and only see where I fall short. I have started to dread practice because we may do something I'm not good at, or an exercise where I won't be able to keep up. This must stop! How am I supposed to get better when I don't try? Or when I expect myself to fail??

Tonight is practice, and I will complete the ENTIRE practice.

In other news: I went skating outdoors with a few girls last week, and at just about the halfway point, Abby Lobotomy (one of our on-again-off-again newbies) broke both bones in her leg! We waited for what seemed like forever for the ambulance to get there, and once they loaded her up we realize that we are left on the opposite side of the park, in the dark, on skates. Luckily we were only about 3 miles from my house, so my mom came to pick us up and cart us back to our vehicles. Then Rican Rage and I headed over to the hospital after hearing from her hubby that she could have visitors. She had surgery the next day and spent 3 days in the hospital. OUCH.


  1. Whenever I'm feeling like a sucko after not being able to rock practice, I go to an open skate. At practice you do certain drills and are always comparing yourself to those better than you. When you go to open skate, even if you are a super newbie, you're generally better than most people there. It gives me a little confidence boost and then I find I improve just because I feel good!

  2. I have fallen into the same trap. I see the vets and girls from the other leagues in town skate and they make me feel like the suckiest sucker of a sucky skater that ever rolled on eight wheels. I will cheer you on from SLC if you'll cheer me on from OKC!! I have faith in you. I have been informed that Derby is 80% determination. Be determined. You have the power in you to realease that bad-@$$ derby girl. Let 'er out! Kick a little tail!

  3. Thanks ladies! I did hit the rink on Thursday, and had a blast with some other girls of varying skill levels.

    Can you hear me cheering you on?!? We CAN do this!!!