Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Just Skating

Practice is improving. I still couldn't keep the pace line for 30 laps (dammit) but I gave it the ol' college try. I continued skating around the outside, but my back just kept getting worse shooting pains and cramping. But Monday I held on for the rest of the practice - from Brian torturing us slowly, to tag-team laps. We cut off early (about 8:30) and a lot of girls went to see the new warehouse. I personally was exhausted and headed home.

Tuesday was more "quality time" with Brian, and there were only about 15 skaters that showed up (compared to about 35 the night before). Then line exercises (Rose showed me I could go faster without compromising form OR falling on my butt), and suicides (which, when done properly, do make you want to kill yourself). And we couldn't stop there! Rose had us skating around the rink doing all sorts of drills, the worst I think was the right-knee-left-knee dance until I collapsed. I dropped out a tiny bit early and examined the huge blister on my pusher foot big toe. Lovely.

But what's really on my mind... As any rollergirl knows, "by the skaters, for the skaters" is code for a WHOLE lotta work when you AREN'T skating! When the organization grows, so do the responsibilities. And it's a weird transition, having to delegate to volunteers. Since I'm a newbie, I'm still wondering where I fit in with all this. I'm a great volunteer (obvious by my crazy animal rescue obligations), but I do NOT want to sign up for more than I want to maintain. Unfortunately so far the jobs I prefer are already taken. Hopefully things will fall into place. I certainly DON'T want to be asked to swipe credit cards all next season!!!

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  1. anything more involved then swiping credit cards is an invitation to the dramarama! don't do it!