Friday, November 12, 2010

Off Season?

Our off-season consists of one month without scheduled practice... but during our "off month" we have an expo / demo bout and tryouts! My good intentions of working out and skating every day quickly fell by the wayside - by the time the November 10th came around (the day of the expo bout) I hadn't skated in over 2 weeks. EEK! I was psyching myself out so bad that I almost didn't attend the bout.

But BOY am I glad I did!!! I was on the orange team, with V, Killa (last minute addition), Bella, Rican, Taryn, Electra, Southern Belle, Scarla (sick), and Zooey (her first bout!). (Other team Kitty, Rosie, Wicked, NiTrick, Tori, Banana, Sweeny, Malice, BABS, Hell'N.) Before the first jam we do an explanation of game play, and I thought I was going to vomit! Literally had to take my mouth guard out and stick it back in before the first whistle blue to really start the game. I'm definitely one of the worst players on the team, but I really worked my ass off.

- Keeping a fast pack with Killa
- Booty blocking a couple people including jammers :)
- With a push from V, shoulder blocking Hell'N (jammer) OUT and DOWN, right in front of B & Dad, it was AWESOME!!!!!

Sub-par performance:
- Being back-blocked (fallen on!) by mAlice, sticking a revenge hit and simply bouncing off of her!
- Falling over Killa and tweaking my knee. But I got up, caught the pack, but had to take corners with just my right leg because my patella was doing weird things. (Mike our EMT rocks though, he iced it and popped it back in.)
- Slow recovery after falling. I want to be one of those girls that bounce back up sprinting

So yes, I popped out my kneecap, and while it didn't hurt that night (just felt really strange), the night and the next day it was SORE. Luckily Friday it's back to feeling weird with twinges of sore, but hopefully I'll be good as new soon. I also broke a blood vessel in my right hand during first half. Wednesday night it looked like a lightening bolt (a sign of the Lightening Broads?!), Thursday it was a cool purple covering half of my palm, today it's fading fast.

League-wide tryouts are the 21st. Ummmm, EEK!!!!!

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