Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Try Outs for Me

I can't honestly say I'm disappointed - because I am scared to try out! BUT it was my knee and not my fear of failure that held me back this time. I still haven't tried skating on the knee, but yesterday was our first day of our derby biggest loser type challenge! $20 to enter, and top 4 winners get a portion of the total (50/30/15/5 I think). And even after just situps and push-ups, my knee hurts today. Sooo brace is back on, naproxen on schedule. AND the worst news of the night (even though I knew what was coming) was the number on the scale - 200.2 lbs. All time high. Now I know why the people on the Biggest Loser cry when they see that starting number.

So here are my starting numbers:
Weight - 200.2
Waist - 42"
Hips - 46"
Situps - 24 in 1 minute
Pushups - 4 regular, 19 on knees in 1 minute

My goal is 5 lbs the first week, and 1.5 lbs each week thereafter.


  1. Good luck on the program! When are your league's next tryout? Hopefully yours goes significantly better than mine. I have faith in you and hope your knee is better soon.

  2. Ooh we are doing a similar challenge, the roller derby workout challenge. It starts officially in January, but it certainly can't hurt to start early!
    Know that so many of us are right where you are and take solace only in the knowledge that we keep showing up to practice even when our bodies say "hell no, stupid!"!