Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tryouts this weekend - EEK!

Weigh-in went moderately well on Nov 29 - I lost 2.8 lbs for a weigh-in of 197.4. My situps and pushups went DOWN though, I think Aunt Flow had something to do with the situp decrease.

Monday we started practice up again. Each session begins with 30 minutes of "Brian torture" where we are made to complete strange exercises rumored to have come from the P90X routine. Mondays are "newbie" days, so we refined basic skills. We're also re-learning falls so that we land less on our knees (rockstars are now banned!) and it's very odd to do a superman / four-point fall that starts with landing on your wrists. We did this both Monday and Tuesday and I'm wearing holes in the side of my wrist guards already. Our new "go-to" fall is a barrel roll. Say what?! Fat girls flail, which is not conducive to barrel rolling. Tuesday we scrimmaged, though I dropped out after my knee cursed at me a little. I refuse to voluntarily hurt myself before Sunday!

I am so sore today. Every muscle in my body hurts. I haven't been this sore since starting derby. Stupid off-season.

And then tryouts are on Sunday. I'm still super nervous about laps. :( I will probably make the Lightning Broads team, but put on probation (which means in 3 months I have to try out again and show improvement in my problem areas).

Oh yeah, did I mention we are now renting a warehouse?! So practice is available 7 days a week, which is pretty damn awesome. The downfall is that the space is not climate controlled (but neither was our other location) and it's incredibly dusty. The floor is concrete and it's also slick, so we're encouraged to use hybrid wheels.


  1. Good Luck! I know you can do it! I see a whole lot of my journey in what you write, I think we have a ton in common. Even our practice space! The WRD warehouse is also cold, dusty and slick.

  2. just wanted to pop in and say good luck for today!