Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Do It - it's more than a Nike slogan!

I did go to practice on Tuesday. Recently our Monday practices have been super crowded, with 40+ people, but Tuesdays have just over half that (25 with some leaving in the middle). I like the less crowded option much better!

I made it through practice on Tuesday! First was a lot of off-skates including a ton of lunges. Then skates on. I still can't keep up with even the "slow" pace-line, so went to the outside and kept skating. Out of 5 suicide drills I skipped one. I ended up with bruises on both my knees though because my pads slipped down. Grr.

The next day (AND the day after that) my butt muscles were absolutely killing me from all the squats, knee drops, and down-ups. From the top of my bum to the backs of my knees. I still feel a little soreness when I sit on the toilet even today.

Thursday was fun at Choctaw, and I figured out dodgeball is a great way to improve agility! We should try it at practice!


  1. Dodgeball on skates.Sounds fun. And dangerous. I guess that could be the answer to the invariable question "where's the ball?"

  2. True! Since the balls were very squishy, they didn't fly very well and they also didn't hurt (and you didn't trip over them). I was wary the first time they played but have since enjoyed it immensely!