Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick Slacker

It seemed my enthusiasm waned along with my immune system. I made it to practice on the 11th and 13th (Tuesday and Thursday), but dropped out early on Thursday. Made it to practice on Sunday but dropped slightly early to head to Tulsa for a late lunch and shopping with my friend. I was slightly snotty during the weekend, but it turned into a nagging cough. A fellow rollergirl who's also a coworker had to go to the ER to treat an athsma attack and after a few hours there I wasn't up to practice and headed home. Thursday's was cancelled because schools were out. The snow and ice had gone away by practice time but by then it was too late. And I didn't make it to Sunday's after a late night with the rollergirls. Soooo it's been over a week since I practiced!

Back to Saturday night. We were supposed to have our first bout of the season on Jan 22nd, but unfortunately our venue accidentally double-booked and had a wedding scheduled that day so we were forced to reschedule. The bar said they had already advertised our presence so we scheduled it as a fundraiser instead! Guess the number of cheese balls and win a prize along with a bake sale. :) I went all out derby style: fishnets with silver derby skinz and a see through tutu with knee high boots! Derby really has helped my self-esteem. I thought it would help me lose weight, but instead I've become more comfortable in my own skin(z)!

So tonight is back to practice! We've also been having a lot of drama (some very public in the form of an absentee team member posting hateful things about another) so we're having a touchy-feeling get-it-in-the-open meeting on Wednesday. Thursday practice is cancelled, instead we're headed to CiCi's pizza to bus tables in skates and hopefully make a little money!

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