Thursday, May 13, 2010

Commitment Issues

As you can see from my lack of updating, I have a problem following-through with things. :) I did get back on skates in February, though it was with limited use of my left (bad) ankle. It wasn't until mid-April I was ready for full-on skating, and then I still couldn't do a left knee drop because of lost muscle mass and an inability to assist the rise with my foot (because it put pressure on the ankle).

Now I'm working on getting my speed up (last check I only completed 22 instead of 25 laps in 5 minutes). My wheels are already starting to show significant wear, probably because I've skated outside in them. Ugh. But as of last practice (5-11) I could do an ungraceful left knee drop and everything else on the minimum skills test... except my 25-in-5 because I haven't tried that one again. Not sure how many laps I managed to complete while staying up with the line, but it wasn't 30. :(

As of yesterday, my lower back was KILLING me, and I was sore in the hips and legs.

Goals: cardio, new wheels, situps!

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