Thursday, December 17, 2009

I. Am. So. Sore.

Day 1: Stephanie coerced me into going to practice with one of the local roller derby teams on Monday - the Tornado Alley Rollergirls. I haven't been on skates in over 3 years, the only thing I had going for me was the fact that I have always used quads. Fortunately they had loaner skates, pads and helmet... Unfortunately they didn't have enough for the number of new girls. So I had to share. Great.

After the warm-up exercises (which I only completed half of due to my lack of gear), one of the co-captains (Killa) bluntly asked me if I'd ever been on skates before. Wow. I guess I really am out of practice.

That evening I was exhausted, and not in the best of moods.

The next morning it hurt to laugh. Yes, that's right - LAUGH. Modified situps suck.

Day 2: Tuesday I knew was going to be rough. But The Boyfriend is so stoked about me joining this team he went to Academy to buy my own pads. And while he was there he found helmets, so called and described them to me and I picked out one over the phone. At the last minute Andy decided to go too, and good thing or I would have been there myself - Steph bailed!

And now let the pain begin. Started out off-skate, many pilates / yoga moves and situps/pushups/tricep dips later, I think we're finally going to get on wheels but noooo, now plyometrics. What are plyometrics, you ask? They are pure evil, that's what they are. Frog hops and burpies and running backwards until you think your muscles will explode. THEN we get on skates.

To make matters worse, I'm forced to strap into a size 8 (mens) - 2 sizes larger than the ones I wore the day before. Another small-footed person beat me to the selection!

Mel was our coach, we did starts (hockey, toe, and duck), stops (foot drag, turn and toe), falls (knee, rockstar, 4-corners, "splat," and baseball), and then basic turns and crossovers.

Today is Thursday, and I'm still so sore I cringe when I make certain movements. Yesterday it was primarily upper body and abs, today is butt and legs. Maybe this is a situation where "No Pain No Gain" actually applies! :)

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