Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scrimmage and Practice

Sunday was a closed scrimmage against Lawton. They were scheduled to play the Lightning Broads, but Storm Chasers could make the roster. Soooo I got to play - yay! We also had 4 girls who had never played a bout (3 SC, 1 LB) and another SC who's been around a little longer than I have. It was a closed scrimmage, which is a shame because not nearly enough people got to see me take some bitches out!!! Wow I had some good hits in that game. A quote received via text:
The first thing [coach] said when he walked in the door was "I'll tell ya who did good today... Suzy. She had some amazing blocks."


We went out to McNellie's afterwards and they are some really cool girls even though we beat them like 240 to 30. I really really wish I could be on the roster on the 30th when we go to them for a public bout. *sigh*

Last night was scrimmaging at the market to prep for the double-header bout on Saturday. It didn't seem like there were many people there for scrimmage - maybe 20? And I know 5 of those were storm chasers who aren't allowed to play. (I'm a little disappointed by this - my view is if you have the attendance points and there is a spot on the LB roster, SC should get to fill it. But I'm not a coach.) Josey gave me a good pointer - stay UP after I hit someone. Get closer before starting the hit, push through it, and skater stance to keep balance. I jammed a couple times, but for some reason was slipping all over the floor all night! Eh, that's what practice is for, to get used to these things.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay, I'm not a blogger

Too much stuff going on, I never seem to sit down to write it out!

Quick recap, my March attendance pretty much sucked, I went to Albuquerque as a tag-a-long to my boyfriend's conference, had a mini breakdown the Thursday before tryouts, made it to Sunday's tryouts and held my breath for results.

If you remember, last time I scored a 2.6 and was a Storm Chaser on probation. This time I'm not exactly "thrilled" because I'm still a Storm Chaser, but I did increase my score by .34 for a total of 2.94. Techncially the cutoff is 3.0, but luckily I wasn't bumped back to New Recruit because of a 0.06 difference. (Two other girls were bumped back to NR from LB & SC, two were bumped back from LB to SC.) The tryouts were run well, I got 25 laps (WHOO-FREAKIN-HOO it's about time), but I was worn out and sore by the time it was over... THREE HOURS LATER.

As an SC I am eligible to play the scrimmage against Lawton this Sunday, which I'm excited about even though it's a closed event so no one can come cheer me on. HOWEVER, rather than sub-in SC for next weekend's double-header, our coaching staff has decided it's a good idea to make several of our girls play both games. And these aren't blockers, these are small-build jammers that get knocked around. Looks like we're going to continue the losing season.

I may sound jaded, and perhaps I am a bit, but I'll get over it and go on. Tonight a few girls and I will be skipping league practice to head over to a celebration to promote our league (and upcoming bout). Much more fun looking cute on skates than sweating your ass off at practice (even if it is less productive in improving skill).